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Kingdom of Ringwood's History

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The Kingdom of Ringwood is a massive forest near the center of Metagore. When the kingdom was founded, a hydra lurked through the woodlands, causing the inhabitants to build their cities high in the trees.

MONARCHS (14,327 P.M. - 735 A.M.)

Punn (morling): 14,327 P.M. - 14,242 P.M.

Aldr (treefolk): 14,242 P.M. – 13,803 P.M.

Bindax (lich): 13,803 P.M. – 13,119 P.M.

Han’je (djinn): 13,119 P.M. – 9,855 P.M.

Atrik (dryad): 9,855 P.M. – 9,601 P.M.

Chira (F) (lamia): 9,601 P.M. – 9,515 P.M.

Hottol (F) (centaur): 9,515 P.M. – 9,453 P.M.

Denzyn (centaur): 9,453 P.M. – 9,371 P.M.

Gnane (F) (faun): 9,371 P.M. – 9,314 P.M.

Snus (satyr): 9,314 P.M. – 9,262 P.M.

Hakalai (troll): 9,262 P.M. – 9,078 P.M.

Spinlock (treefolk): 9,078 P.M. – 8,642 P.M.

Zar (elf): 8,642 P.M. – 7,958 P.M.

Shas (F) (morling): 7,958 P.M. – 7,862 P.M.

Tyrys (centaur): 7,862 P.M. – 7,790 P.M.

Actaea (F) (dryad): 7,790 P.M. – 7,455 P.M.

Thea (F) (lich): 7,455 P.M. – 6,828 P.M.

Bemt (djinn): 6,828 P.M. – 4,597 P.M.

Ashcorn (treefolk): 4,597 P.M. – 4,355 P.M.

Cavian (lich): 4,355 P.M. – 4,059 P.M.

Reakoc (troll): 4,059 P.M. - 3,880 P.M.

Abnor (satyr): 3,880 P.M. – 3,837 P.M.

Gorul (lich): 3,837 P.M. – 3,528 P.M.

Daudri (dryad): 3,528 P.M. – 3,366 P.M.

Throshiddi (treefolk): 3,366 P.M. – 2,956 P.M.

Neseze (morling): 2,956 P.M. – 2,864 P.M.

Sillisi (lamia): 2,864 P.M. – 2,796 P.M.

Gully (faun): 2,796 P.M. – 2,737 P.M.

Tidgeir (elf): 2,737 P.M. – 2,098 P.M.

Syhhole (treefolk): 2,098 P.M. – 1,869 P.M.

Sefford (treefolk): 1,869 P.M. – 1,338 P.M.

Gallia (drayd): 1,338 P.M. – 1,029 P.M.

Rhinlar (elf): 1,029 P.M. – 350 P.M.

Xerzi (troll): 350 P.M. – 173 P.M.

Erius (centaur): 173 P.M. – 95 P.M.

Tallstag (centaur): 95 P.M. – 17 P.M.

Dennius (centaur): 17 P.M. - 34 A.M.

Thalen (troll): 34 A.M. – 262 A.M.

Parmeas (dryad): 262 A.M. – 390 A.M.

Galach (treefolk): 390 A.M. - ???

KEY EVENTS (14,327 P.M. - 735 A.M.)

14,327 P.M. - The Kingdom of Ringwood was established.

4,467 P.M. - The hydra that had been terrorizing the kingdom since before recorded time, vanished.

4,403 P.M. - When Mount Dumas in Sentries erupted, the wildfire spread into the region of Black Rain Forest that bordered Sentires. The forest was originally named after the smoke and empress trees, as well as many shrubs that produced purple blossoms. But after the massive wildfire, which is known as the Flood of Flames, it retained the title due to the ash and soot-covered bark.

4,370 P.M. - A scholar named Feessoal, from the forest region of Wayland, uncovered the truth about the hydra’s mysterious disappearance: it had migrated into the Kingdom of Medsa’lear because of the larger quantity of fauna for it to feast upon.

4,365 P.M. - After the confirmation of the hydra having migrated westward into the Kingdom of Medsa’lear, King Ashcorn ordered for the start of construction for a new Castle of Ringwood. With the new castle being built on the forest floor, other homes and businesses started to relocate as well.

4,360 P.M. - The construction of the new castle was completed.

4,242 P.M. - A hundred eighteen years had passed since the new castle had been finished before King Cavian ordered for the old castle to be demolished.

4,050 P.M. - The price of furs and pelts hit an all-time low, due to the fact that the fauna population in the forest had started to grow rapidly without the hydra over the past 417 years.

4,016 P.M. - With the prices of furs and pelts still being low, and the costs of lumber soring to outrageous amounts to compensate for the use of rebuilding the villages in Ringwood onto the grounds of the forests, the Kingdom of Ringwood was forced to go bankrupt.

4,013 P.M. - King Reakoc decided to buy the region of Frozen Star Keep (a patch of 15,360 gradients of land) from King Tyris of Rigdale for the price of 250 blood pennies to be paid off over the course of twenty years. Reakoc believed that the expanded amount of forests would help with the lumber issue; as well as, the increase of residents who would have to pay taxes would help the kingdom’s income.

3,993 P.M. - After the twenty years had passed, King Reakoc had only paid fifteen blood pennies toward the land. King Tyris of Rigdale sent a letter to Ringwood, along with some knights, to confiscate the land and sieged control of it once more.

3,885 P.M. - A group of lower elected citizens of Ringwood started to discuss the removal of King Reakoc, who had been now given the title “the Unhelpful”.

3,880 P.M. - After five years of the elected citizens discussing denouncing Reakoc “the Unhelpful”, they were successful and King Abnor was elected. The five-year period was now known as the Five-Year Vote.

3,872 P.M. - King Abnor of Ringwood rebought Frozen Star Keep from King Bron of Rigdale for 200 blood pennies, paid upfront in full.

3,867 P.M. - Reakoc “the Unhelpful” leads a small rebellion against his successor, King Abnor, in what is known as the Grim Turmoil. After leading unsuccessful riots in the streets of the capital, Reakoc sneaks into the castle and locks himself inside the throne room; believing that since he could sit on the throne, he was the true king over Ringwood. Reakoc managed to stay locked inside for a few days before he finally decided to leave to get some food and something to drink. As he opened the doors, he was jumped and flogged, and stabbed to death by the royal guards.

2,935 P.M. - Tets Lauga Drumwright from Penora invaded the southeastern region of Metagore (Ringwood and Sentries). The majority of the war is fought in Black Rain Forest and the southern portion of Wayland. After the war, which is known as the War of the Dying Forest, the lower portion of Wayland was renamed Sword’s Forest. The region got its name from the various swords and other weapons that were impaled into the trunks of trees and were left as a remembrance of the hostile attack from Penora. Over the years, as the trees aged, their bark grew around the swords leaving mostly just the hilts visible.

0 A.M - King Dennius met with the other rulers of Metagore and signed the MCA, which unified the six kingdoms as one, established a centralized monarch, and declared for a new city to be built immediately to regulate trade amongst the realms. The rulers elected Brighton to be the new lord over the unified kingdom, in honor of his dedication and planning of the MCA. It was also agreed upon that the new city would be built in the mountains of Rigdale, next to the castle, and it would be named BrightHelm after their new lord. As a way to commemorate the signing of the MCA, a three-day festival is hosted every year in BrightHelm, known as the New Life Festival. The signing of the MCA marked the new start of the year for Metagore, as well as established a time frame for all future records: P.M. (Prior to the MCA) and A.M. (After the MCA).

552 A.M. - During the week of the New Life Festival, Grand Duke Galach gathered in the throne room of BrightHelm with Lord Brighton and the other four grand dukes, along with a couple of loved ones, to enjoy a feast. At the start of the meal, Galach excused himself and went outside. When he returned, the majority of the attendees had succumbed to death’s vengeance, including his wife, Vina. Lord Brighton had all of the drinks tested, and all except one came back as having been tainted with poison. The only one free of toxins was Grand Duke Turkan’s from Alberon. The only survivors in the room were Brighton, Galach, and Turkan, as well as Valek, who had become ill from the poison but managed to recover from the toxins within a few days. The massacre became officially known as the Liquid Masquerade. Though many wary citizens believed that Valek wasn’t able to miraculously defeat the poison, but that in fact, he was the one who poisoned everyone, and he just made himself appear sick so that he could place the blame on an innocent bystander; thus, it was nicknamed Valek’s Second Rebellion.

735 A.M. - After the presumed poisoning of Lord Brighton, Cornelius ws elected to rule over Metagore. The grand dukes became angered by the election process, leading some to separate from the kingdom and lead a war against the new lord. The war became a massive civil war known as the War of the Six Kingdoms.


New Life Festival (Batell Moon, Day 1-3) - A festival that commemorates the signing of the Metagore Compression Act and the start of a new year. The three-day-long festival is hosted in the courtyards of the castle in BrightHelm. On the first day, the lord and his grand dukes/duchesses open with a set of speeches, then afterward a feast is partaken in. The feast lasts for the entirety of the festival, alongside entertainers (fire breathers, jugglers, musicians, ect.).

Masida (Vloth Moon, Day 28) - A holiday associated with the passing of the winter and warm weather to come. Traditions include public intoxication, releasing from oaths, and in some cases violence and rioting (mostly in Medsa'lear).

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