Journey to a fantasy world filled with magic and mysteries, love and betrayal, life and gruesome deaths.

Where corrupt politics govern the realms, gods grow rampant with rage, and friendships are put to the test.

In my Lands of the Abyss universe, the possibilities are endless.

Battle for Metagore - DLS - Final Front


ISBN: 978-1-7337703-0-9


The death of the beloved Lord of Metagore, followed by the crowning of a successor, stirs discontent among the grand dukes. They decide to deviate from the kingdom, and each assumes lordship over their own realms. The new lord, angered by the rebellion, declares war on the renegade dukes, now claiming to be lords.


Unexpected twists and obstacles surface as the battle for the crown ensues.


Who will prevail in the battle for Metagore?


Pick a side, and see how long they will survive the armies of their foes, the dangerous wildlife lurking around every corner, and the sometimes fatal climates.

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Projected Release Date: Late 2021

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