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The Slightly Altered TRUE IDENTITIES of tha Fogboyz
True Identities is a memoir that follows me through the part of my life where I was enveloped in an environment that led to wild parties, close friendships, and unforgettable memories. Music had become a release. It became LIFE.

This memoir will be broken down into 5 parts, all released together. The first draft of part 1 is complete, and I am currently in the writing process for part 2.
Not Accepting Submissions At This Time
The Sovereign Duties of Metagore
The politics in the fantasy realm of Metagore continue as the third draft of Sovereign Duties (Book 2) is underway. This means I will be in need of BETA readers soon. Once ready, you will be able to click the link below to sign-up for a chance to read and give feedback on this epic fantasy tale.
Not Acceting Submissions At This Time
The Gift of a Child
When a newborn is taken from her family, Tristan Ratley sets off on an adventure to bring her home. Venturing down the Trail of Feer, Tristan meets some interesting people---some good, some who would rather see him dead.

The Gift of a Child is a novella in the late stages of the 1st draft, and will be open for ALPHA readers soon.
Not Accepting Submissions At This Time
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