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D.L. Stewart


Author D.L. Stewart, an Arkansan born and raised, officially started his writing career in August of 2015 with the start of his debut fantasy novel The Battle For Metagore. New to writing, Stewart posted the first two drafts of Metagore up on Booksie, where he received an overwhelming flow of support from fellow writers and readers alike. The draft of his book grew in popularity and quickly became amongst the most recommend stories on the site.

His first attempt at writing was at a much earlier date than his 2015 debut, dating all the way back to 2004 when he began a story titled Left But Not Forgotten (LBNF), which never found its way to completion. Stewart says someday he will go back and revisit this work of writing and try to complete it. But with the numerous ideas he has for his fantasy world, it will be a very long time before LBNF sees the light of being published (or even completion in that regards). Stewart may have left LBNF behind, but he has not forgotten about it.

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