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The Currency - Chips & Bellies

The currency used all across the lands of the Abyss is known as Chips & Bellies. With the exception of gold & silver pieces (mined for), as well as sun coins (harvested from coral), the chips and bellies are harvested from a tortoise-like creature known as a testudine. Testudines have shells that are made of a gemstone that changes colors as they age (from dark to light). Once their shells have reached their lightest, their insides start to decay and blood veins start to appear through the shell (blood pennies), signifying the testudine's full maturity.

*A month's wage for a peasant is roughly 2,500 bellies (3 gold pieces & 25 silver pieces).

Belly Chip = 1

Silver Piece = 10

Gold Piece = 750

Sun Coin = 5,000

Black Chip = 150,000

Purple Chip = 225,000

Blue Chip = 300,000

Green Chip = 500,000

Red Chip = 1,000,000

Pink Chip = 1,500,000

Orange Chip = 2,750,000

Yellow Chip = 5,000,000

White Chip = 150,000,000

Blood Penny = 500,000,000

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