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Kingdom of Rigdale/BrightHelm's History

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The Kingdom of Rigdale was filled with snowy mountains, located on the northern edge of Metagore. The capital rested in the valley in between Mount Harod and Mount Celeren, before it was relocated and renamed to BrightHelm.

MONARCHS (13,105 P.M. - 735 A.M.)

Glaitlyn (elf): 13,105 P.M. – 12,793 P.M.

Dhoam'lin (elf): 12,793 P.M. – 12,072 P.M.

Claudius (F) (elf): 12,072 P.M. – 11,454 P.M.

In'rahd (elf): 11,454 P.M. – 10,942 P.M.

In'vertahd (elf): 10,942 P.M. – 10,318 P.M.

Vilri (elf): 10,318 P.M. – 9,892 P.M.

Vilre (elf): 9,892 P.M. – 9,163 P.M.

Theodath (elf): 9,163 P.M. – 8,336 P.M.

Rullan (elf): 8,336 P.M. – 7,871 P.M.

Ellon (elf): 7,871 P.M. – 7,713 P.M.

Umil (F) (elf): 7,713 P.M. – 7,288 P.M.

Drel (elf): 7,288 P.M. – 6,552 P.M.

Thase (elf): 6,552 P.M. – 6,127 P.M.

Tharros (elf): 6,127 P.M. – 5,287 P.M.

Ahnie (F) (elf): 5,287 P.M. – 4,734 P.M.

Tyris (elf): 4,734 P.M. - 3,923 P.M.

Bron (elf): 3,923 P.M. - 3,295 P.M.

Ellioz (elf): 3,295 P.M. - 3,139 P.M.

Horai (elf): 3,139 P.M. - 2,459 P.M.

Flaccur (elf): 2,459 P.M. - 2,015 P.M.

Adosan (elf): 2,015 P.M. - 1,984 P.M.

Thammus (elf): 1,984 P.M. - 1,935 P.M.

A'tello (elf): 1,935 P.M. - 1,494 P.M.

Magnus (elf): 1,494 P.M. - 1,348 P.M.

Twyla (elf): 1,348 P.M. - 738 P.M.

Ermin (elf): 738 P.M. - 110 P.M.

Brighton (elf): 110 P.M. - 735 A.M.

Cornelius (elf): 735 A.M. - ???

KEY EVENTS (13,105 P.M. - 735 A.M.)

13,105 P.M. - The Kingdom of Rigdale was established.

4,013 P.M. - King Tyris sold the region of Frozen Star Keep (a patch of 15,360 gradients of land) to King Reakoc of Ringwood for the price of 250 blood pennies to be paid off over the course of twenty years.

3,993 P.M. - After the twenty years had passed, King Reakoc had only paid 15 blood pennies towards the land. King Tyris sent a letter to Ringwood, along with some knights, to confiscate the land and to siege control of it once more.

3,872 P.M. - King Bron resold Frozen Star Keep to King Abnor of Ringwood for 200 blood pennies to be paid off in full upfront.

1,984 P.M. - King Adosan was found mysteriously dead in his bed-chamber, and believed to have committed suicide. Safia, Adosan’s widowed wife, uncovered the reality that her husband was actually murdered by a Learish assassin and Blue Fang member, Koal’ar “the Strong”. After reporting her findings to the viscounts and the new king, Thammus, Koal’ar “the Strong” was imprisoned in the keeps beneath the castle of Rigdale.

1,935 P.M. - A’tello was elected as the King of Rigdale. Soon after his coronation, A’tello released Koal’ar “the Strong” from the keeps and sent him back to Medsa’lear. Following suit, King A’tello slowly started to diminish the number of supplies that were available to the cities scattered throughout the mountains of Rigdale.

1,932 P.M. - Three years into his reign as king, A’tello decided to cut off all supplies to the capital during the winter moons. A’tello and his servants lived off the supplies that he had hoarded for himself. Over the course of winter, most of the Riglan people died out, causing that winter to become known as the White Plague.

1,931 P.M. - Come spring, King A’tello elected a new council of viscounts, replacing all that had died from the White Plague.

56 P.M. - An Ajirian and a Riglan ship crashed into each other while sailing during a harsh storm. Debris from the ships washed up onto the shores of Jazillee, the capital of the Ajia Islands. The Ajirian queen, Rubella Yimble, interpreted the incident as an attack from the Riglan king, Brighton, so in turn, she reciprocated by declaring a naval war that is now known as the Purple Flood. Soon after attacks began to bombard the northern coast of Rigdale, King Brighton sent word to Queen Rubella voicing his concern and confusion about the matter. They soon were able to clear up the misunderstanding and put the situation behind them.

34 P.M. - King Valek, from the Kingdom of Talean, leads a raid into Rigdale during the winter moons. He had hopes of conquering Brighton and laying siege to the mountains, or at least being able to weaken Brighton’s armies and barter with him for a substantial amount of stone, which he had intended to trade to Mahson Vaeril Eben of Waaki. Unfortunately for Valek and his army of Golden Men, they were unprepared for the harsh climates of Rigdale during the winter moons. The winter that year was one of the worst in recorded history, and the majority of the Golden Men froze to death, while the others were overtaken by Brighton’s army. This raid is known as the Cold Winter Hunt.

9 P.M. - King Brighton started to devise a trade agreement (the Metagore Compression Act, or the MCA) between the six kingdoms that made up the continent of Metagore.

1 P.M. - While on a journey to the Kingdom of Medsa’lear to talk to King Kip about the MCA, Brighton was abducted by a group of mercenaries hired by the tets of Penora, Yurk Drumwright. Brighton was transported back to Penora and locked in a cell. With the help of other abducted rulers from across the Abyss, Brighton escaped his imprisonment and fled back home, all the while, being accompanied by his new mistress, Kalama, who had also been imprisoned by Tets Drumwright.

0 A.M - After returning back home from Penora, Brighton met with the other rulers of Metagore and signed the MCA, which unified the six kingdoms as one, established a centralized monarch, and declared for a new city to be built immediately to regulate trade among the realms. The rulers elected Brighton to be the new lord over the unified kingdom, in honor of his dedication and planning of the MCA. It was also agreed upon that the new city would be built in the mountains of Rigdale, next to the castle, and it would be named BrightHelm after their new lord. As a way to commemorate the signing of the MCA, a three-day festival is hosted every year in BrightHelm, known as the New Life Festival. The signing of the MCA marked the new start of the year for Metagore, as well as established a time frame for all future records: P.M. (Prior to the MCA) and A.M. (After the MCA).

3 A.M. - After a few years of working on the new city and ruling his people, Lord Brighton and the other rulers that had been abducted by Tets Drumwright, joined their armies and attacked Penora’s deserts. The war ended with Tets Yurk Drumwright being captured and given custody to Brighton. The war became known as the War of Heroes.

5 A.M. - An avalanche, caused by the blasting of stone to use for the new city, destroyed most of what had been built for BrightHelm, and the construction had to begin from scratch. When they started it the second time, they relocated the city to the northern coast in the region of Nuwulf, with the hopes of it being more accessible to the other lands of the Abyss.

24 A.M. - The building of BrightHelm had finished, and Lord Brighton and his family and council relocate to the new city.

48 A.M. - The zog of Penora, Rinkar Thane, attacked Metagore and freed Tets Yurk Drumwright. The attack is officially known as Rinkar’s Raid, though most believe that Grand Duke Valek of Talean aided in Rinkar’s attack, thus giving it the nickname of Valek’s Rebellion.

51 A.M. - After word had gotten back to the mahson of Waaki, Keelog Burk, of Tets Drumwright’s escape, Keelog sent his army to attack Metagore. The war lasted four years, and is known as the Four Year Eruption, and ended with Brighton’s surrender after the majority of his army had been slain.

57 A.M. - After Metagore had been under the control of Mahson Keelog Burk for three years, Brighton and Valek devised a plan of sending a horde of dreshdis on a ship to Waaki, dressed in the Taleanic’s golden armor. After the dreshdis arrived, they slaughtered all of the Waakiin knights, because they had never seen a dreshdi before, or even knew what they were. The Waakiin believed that Brighton had sent a ship contaminated with Dézhira’s Plague that once occupied Sentries and Talean. After losing his army, Keelog surrendered to Brighton and pleaded for his life. The invasion became known as the Golden Plague.

552 A.M. - During the week of the New Life Festival, Lord Brighton and his five grand dukes were gathered together in the throne room, along with a couple of loved ones, to enjoy a feast. At the start of the feast, Brighton stood and gave a toast to his grand dukes. But as he gave his toast, some of the attendees started to cough and spit up blood, eventually succumbing to death’s vengeance. Brighton had all of the drinks tested, and all except one came back as having been tainted with poison. The only one free of toxins was Duke Turkan’s from Alberon. Luckily for Brighton, he had not yet taken a sip of his drink when he noticed what was going on. The only survivors in the room were Brighton, Galach (who had dismissed himself for the start of the meal), and Turkan, as well as Valek (who had become ill from the poison but managed to recover from the toxins within a few days). The massacre became officially known as the Liquid Masquerade. Though many wary citizens believed that Valek wasn’t able to miraculously defeat the poison, but that in fact, he was the one who poisoned everyone, and he just made himself appear sick so that he could place the blame on an innocent bystander; thus, it was nicknamed Valek’s Second Rebellion.

735 A.M. - After the presumed poisoning of Lord Brighton, Cornelius was elected to rule over Metagore. The grand dukes became angered by the election process, leading some to separate from the kingdom and lead a war against the new lord. The war became a massive civil war known as the War of the Six Kingdoms.


New Life Festival (Batell Moon, Day 1-3) - A festival that commemorates the signing of the Metagore Compression Act and the start of a new year. The three-day-long festival is hosted in the courtyards of the castle in BrightHelm. On the first day, the lord and his grand dukes/duchesses open with a set of speeches, then afterward a feast is partaken in. The feast lasts for the entirety of the festival, alongside entertainers (fire breathers, jugglers, musicians, ect.).

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