Kingdom of Medsa'lear's History

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

The Kingdom of Medsa'lear is a barbaric, swamp filled land, governed by a corrupt political system. Most of the Learish spend a good portion of their time on ships, fishing.

MONARCHS (6,427 P.M. - 735 A.M.)

Akass (djinn): 6,427 P.M. – 3,527 P.M.

Viss (selkie): 3,527 P.M. – 3,087 P.M.

Mul’to (troll): 3,087 P.M. – 2,867 P.M.

Dorn (siren): 2,867 P.M. – 2,810 P.M.

Cratar (cryter): 2,810 P.M. – 2,667 P.M.

Kilaro (ogre): 2,667 P.M. – 2,618 P.M.

Tesla’ji (troll): 2,618 P.M. – 2,494 P.M.

Gnicys (elf): 2,494 P.M. – 2,447 P.M.

Grakhaa (cryter): 2,447 P.M. – 2,053 P.M.

Thrann (djinn): 2,053 P.M. – 1,947 P.M.

I’tar (troll): 1,947 P.M. – 1,892 P.M.

Sarzarfur (lich): 1,892 P.M. – 1,671 P.M.

Neelon (elf): 1,671 P.M. – 1,002 P.M.

Beron (cryter): 1,002 P.M. – 953 P.M.

Sirbrook (dryad): 953 P.M. – 607 P.M.

Marash (treefolk): 607 P.M. – 418 P.M.

Vashai (lich): 418 P.M. – 118 P.M.

Fester (elf): 118 P.M. – 38 P.M.

Kip (morling): 38 P.M. – 52 A.M.

Krilith (ogre): 52 A.M. – 116 A.M.

Nahisho (morling): 116 A.M. – 225 A.M.

Kre’theas (ogre): 225 A.M. – 266 A.M.

Rumus (selkie): 226 A.M. – 552 A.M.

Valheimer (lich): 552 A.M. – 691 A.M.

Basil (Siren): 691 A.M. - 724 A.M.

Kaprin (cryter): 724 A.M. – ???

KEY EVENTS (4,463 P.M. - 735 A.M.)

4,463 P.M. – The Learish started to notice a drop in the animal population.

4,436 P.M. – Tales of a beast with multiple heads and is as large as the mighty dragons, started to spread through the kingdom to explain the shortage in wildlife.

3,842 P.M. – The hydra is first seen by the Learish, as it attacked a village in Shylock.

2,482 P.M. – King Gnicys received word that someone from the village of Unela in Vaseere had plans to assassinate him. Gnicys decided to barricade the entire village inside their homes, then burned it to the ground—all because he didn't know who had threatened his life. Gnicys acquired the name King Gnicys "the Bold" for his bold and brutal judgements and punishments.

2,454 P.M. – A group of eight politicians formed a cult known as the Blue Fangs, with their sole intensions of eliminating King Gnicys. Their decisive plans took seven years to come to fruition. This political scheme became known as the Seven Year Uprising.

2,447 P.M. – King Gnicys was drowned in his own tub by a Blue Fang member—which changed his name from King Gnicys "the Bold" to King Gnicys "the Drowner".

2,447 P.M. – Grakhaa, the leader of the Blue Fangs, had weaseled his way through the political rankings and became king after Gnicys’ death.

2,446 P.M. – King Grakhaa and the other Blue Fangs devised a plan to pin the murder of Gnicys on his duke, E'nang.

2,446 P.M. – Grakhaa revealed the Blue Fangs to the Learish citizens, but told them that they were the ones who uncovered Duke E'nang's murder of King Gnicys.

2,444 P.M. – After being imprisoned for two years, Duke E'nang died in a cell pit from starvation.

2,418 P.M. – King Grakhaa changed the banner from a light blue trygon on a maroon flag, to a light blue serpent head on a maroon flag, in honor of the Blue Fangs.

1,987 P.M. – King Thrann sends Koal’ar “the Strong”, a member of the Blue Fangs, to Rigdale to spy on their king and to assassinate him.

1,978 P.M. – Thrann sends A’tello, another Blue Fang member, to Rigdale to infiltrate their government and to free Koal’ar, who had been imprisoned for killing King Adosan of Rigdale.

1,935 P.M. – After A’tello became king over Rigdale, he released Koal’ar “the Strong” from prison and sent him back home to Medsa’lear.

963 P.M. – King Beron ordered some of his warriors to cross the Diamond River and migrate into Alberon.

954 P.M. – The Learish who had migrated into Alberon hunted down Addazul (one of the 2 Alberian gods) and slaughtered it; delivering the carcass to Emperor Khalil of Alberon. After killing Addazul, the Learish started to rape the women and children and burn down their settlements afterward. The nine-year period from when the Learish migrated into Alberon until the death of Addazul is known as the Learish Invasion.

953 P.M. – After King Beron had sent his warriors into Alberon to murder their god, Addazul, and burn their settlements, Emperor Khalil of Alberon led a fight against them. The Alberians managed to push the Learish back across the Diamond River, where the majority of the war was fought in the swamps of Medsa’lear. The war became known at the War of Snakes and got its name from the lines of Alberian warriors swimming in the water appearing to be large snakes or death worms. The Alberians proved themselves to be very versatile. The Learish started to pour oils into the water and lit them on fire (which wasn't done for too long due to the risk of the Learish and their lands, and the ineffectiveness it was onto the Alberians). The Alberians started to climb trees and leap from limb to limb, being able to travel the swamps with ease, avoiding the fires below. The war ended at the castle of Medsa’lear, when Emperor Khalil decapitated King Beron in front of a large audience of spectators.

930 P.M. – King Sirbrook of Medsa'lear sent a djinn to Rigdale to capture a phoenix to deliver to Emperor Khalil of Alberon.

929 P.M – The Learish djinn smuggled the phoenix into Alberon and presents it to Emperor Khalil as a gift, apologizing for killing one of their gods. The djinn was soon apprehended and killed.

928 P.M. – King Sirbrook threatened to curse the Kingdom of Alberon after receiving word that the djinn was killed and their apologies were spat up on.

928 P.M. – Emperor Khalil of Alberon sent his warriors to invade Medsa'lear and kill off the lich and djinn population in the kingdom.

604 P.M. – Some Learish near the Diamond River started to migrate over to Alberon, bringing with them their customs and faiths—this time peacefully.

385 P.M. – King Vashai heard of a small island south of Valkeri called Hollowvale, that was apparently enrich with testudines. Vashai sends his fleet to Hollowvale, but the Valkards were unpleased with the Learish trying to invade their lands. The Learish and the Valkards end up fighting a naval warfare until the Learish are forced to retreat. After their loss in what is known as the War of Hollowvale, King Vashai was informed that all the tales of riches were false.

0 A.M. – King Kip signs the Metagore Compression Act.

552 A.M. – During the week of the New Life Festival, Grand Duke Rumus gathered in throne room of BrightHelm with Lord Brighton and the other four grand dukes, along with a couple of loved ones, to enjoy a feast. At the start of the feast, as Lord Brighton was about to give a toast, some of the attendees started to cough and spit up blood, and eventually succumbing to death’s vengeance. Lord Brighton had all of the drinks tested, and all except once came back as having been tainted with poison—Turkan’s. The only survivors in the room were Brighton, Galach, and Turkan, as well as Valek, who had become ill from the poison but managed to recover from the toxins within a few days. The massacre became officially known as the Liquid Masquerade. Though many wary citizens believed that Valek wasn’t able to miraculously defeat the poison, but that in fact, he was the one who poisoned everyone, and he just made himself appear sick so that he could place the blame on an innocent bystander; thus, it was nicknamed Valek’s Second Rebellion.

735 A.M. – After the presumed poisoning of Lord Brighton, Cornelius is elected to rule over Metagore. The grand dukes become angered of the election process, leading some to separate from the kingdom, and lead a war against the new lord. The war became a massive civil war known as the War of the Six Kingdoms.


New Life Festival (Batell Moon, Day 1-3) - A festival that commemorates the signing of the Metagore Compression Act and the start of new year. A three-day long festival is hosted in the courtyards of the castle in BrightHelm. On the first day, the lord and his grand dukes open with a set of speeches, then afterward a feast is partaken in. The feast lasts for the entirety of the festival, alongside entertainers (firebreathers, jugglers, musicians, ect.).

Masida (Vloth Moon, Day 28) - A holiday associated with the passing of the winter and warm weather to come. Traditions include public intoxication, releasing from oaths, and in some cases violence and rioting.

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