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1. Mistake I made outlining.

A: When I outlined The Battle For Metagore, I just outlined what I thought were the major points in the novel, which made the novel appear to be a 20 chapter book according to the outline.

While I was outlining, I had a lot of background information and world building history that I wanted to add in, but I couldn't sync them with the plot itself, so I just told myself that I'd think of way to include it while I'm writing. But that's what the outline is supposed to be for, to figure it out before I start writing.

So, once I had actually finished outlining, after already haven written the majority of the novel according to the original outline, the outline exploded from being just 20 chapters to over 60. Now, after revisions and some tweaking here and there, I managed to get it back down to 58 chapters.

2. Mistake I made during my first draft.

A: I had this character, Zorie, and I don't know how it happened, but I had started the novel off with her being young (early 20s) and as the story progressed, she aged a lot. By the the end of the novel she was an elderly 70 some-odd year old lady. And what's worse, I have a character sheet with descriptions of EVERY character in my story. So, why did I not reference back to it? I don't know honestly. I suppose I just assumed I knew her age.

3. Mistake I made while revising and editing.

A: While I was doing my early revisions I would go and take a scene or a description of something that I wasn't happy with, and over do it. I would take the simplest and smallest of things, and reword it and add so much detail, that it would be paragraphs of something that is ultimately useless.

Luckily, as I kept doing more and more rounds of revisions, I noticed the blandness and chopped them down.

4. Mistake I made with time managements.

A: Throughout the actual writing and editing stage, I didn't really have a deadline or an actual time frame in which I wanted to get things done. So, time management wasn't that big of a ordeal for me in that perspective.

But once everything was wrote and edited, I started working with a cover designer and formatter. They told me about how long things would take for them, and that's when I made my mistake. I took the time frame that they gave me and went with it. I started to plan out my pre-sale time period, ARC reviewer time period, a cover reveal date, a release date, EVERYTHING. Well, things came up on their end. Health issues, software malfunctions, and who knows what else. So, what I thought would be about a month to a month and a half process, turned out to take a little over 4 months. So, then I had to redo all of my plans and refit them accordingly.

5. My biggest newbie mistake.

A: I didn't hire a proof reader. I was thinking "I've looked over this a million times, I don't see any typos", and "my editor fixed all of my typos for me". Which, I had and he did, for the most part. And I even had multiple rounds of BETAs and ARCs read through the story. Even after getting it formatted and reading it through some more, even out loud, I still didn't notice anything. BUT, once I received my proof copies and started to look over it, I noticed multiple errors. Minor errors, but still errors and typos.

After I combed through it again, hopefully finding them all, I counted over 30 typos that needed to be fixed.

6. Biggest mistake I see others make.

A: I see on Facebook and Twitter where other writers are complaining about how hard writing is, and they'll just give up and stop writing. YES, writing a novel is difficult at times. YES, we all hit brick walls with our writing. YES, our writings at times is just garbage. BUT do NOT quit. If you are stuck, switch gears. If you can jump around in your story, find a scene or chapter that you want to write, and work on it for the time being. If not, work on a side project for a little while. Rest your mind, and take a break from what is burdening you at the moment. And remember, your first draft is as worse as your story will ever be. One day, your writing will be great, but not if you quit and give up.

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