The Journey To Architectural Design

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

So I know I haven’t done many blogs here lately, or anything like that, so I figured I would do a couple with an architectural theme of designing blueprints.

Most of you all probably don’t know this, but I went to college for Drafting and Design with the option of Technology. Which is designing blueprints for residential and commercial designs, as well as landscaping, if need be, and I could even do blueprints for machine parts and other components like that. It didn’t have to be specifically for buildings.

Long story short, I never completed my degree or college. I dropped out while only having two classes left that had nothing to do with my degree. One was Seminar, which deals with creating resumes, and the other was Computer Lit, teaching you how to use Microsoft Word and Excel and stuff like that. So I never completed those, and I never got my degree.

The reason I dropped out of college was because I had a job offer to make more money than what I would have with my degree. So I took it.

Flash forward to now, I was recently contacted by one of my friends and fellow authortuber. She reached out and commissioned me to do some blueprints for a home that she would like to have built in a few years, and she wants the floor plans ready and to have a budget set in place. And she knew this is what I went to school for, so she reached out to see if I would be interested.

Now it has been 10 years since I left college, so most of the stuff that I had learned, I had forgotten. But it was something I had enjoyed doing, and I picked up on it pretty quick the first time. So when she reached out to me and asked if I would be interested, I told her, yeah, I would do it.

From time to time I think about going back to college, and I think, “Do I want to go back for this, or do I want to go back for something else?” And ultimately, I’ve never gone back, but it would be something I wouldn’t mind going back to at some point. Or if a lot of people start asking me to do these projects for them, I’ll do it without getting a degree and be an independent drafter.

So now that I have started tackling this project and getting re-familiar with the process and the building regulations, more blogs will be posted soon with updates on the progress of the floor plans.

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