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I started writing on a side project that will be published under my pseudonym (pen name): Peter Gracie. It is a memoir that will be titled "The Slightly Altered True Identities of tha Fogboyz". I will document the key points of my life while I was part of a rap group named: tha Fogboyz.

I enjoyed my time with the group and making music. Me, Havik, and Dobbie were all real close, like brothers. Even our producer Johnny Mac, and other artists that recorded at the same studio, felt like family.

We did a lot of crazy things together, but along with the good, there was the bad. There is one particular situation that caused us to fall apart before we ever started. It was a dark and gloomy time for the group. And was one of the most infuriating times of my life. I can not think of another time when I was so angry and pissed. And the situation didn't even involve me directly.

Thankfully, the group got back together and was able to move on past that situation. About 3 years after the fact, we decided to do a song in remembrance of that situation, and below are the lyrics to that song.


Into the darkness, is where evil starts to manifest It's the sound of my heart, beating in my own chest Is my mind playing tricks on me? Or am I really seeing what I think I see? A demon, bathing with an angel in blood For some reason, I thought we was in love The shadows on the wall scream as they attack I take off running, scared to look back They keep grabbing at me, but seem to miss I'm still going, but find nothing but the black abyss So I try to hide, but am always found The clock's ticking, somewhere in the background Into the darkness I find out what's real Did you not think about how I'd feel Into the darkness I found the truth I gave into the darkness without you...

...I fell and ended looking up Like a computer, my mind got corrupt At the time, couldn't give a fuck Time just passed, while I fell fast She ruined me, left me to drown in a sea Dark, lonely, stupidity Admit it, see what you did? Act like a kid? Brain insane, stuck on squid My brother, but I lover her, do I? Not sure Life is a blur, I concur, no you don't Shut up and walk away, but I won't Keep living your life, you've done this more than twice Roll the dice, and move your vice grip, to the next dude to trip Now the only time I want to hold you, is to choke you Because of you, I lose focus and I notice, I can't control this What I think is bliss, ignorant, happiness, forbidden, shouldn't touch this...

...I never wanted to see two homies, get in a fight with each other We've grown up so close, like we all three were brothers I know brothers get in fights, but i never thought that it'd escalate to that level A six party home, broken in half by this devil I can see where they were both coming from, in this situation But that bitch, pushed them both to their limitations A demon eating away the family, from the inside out A darkness covered up their souls, their respect was thrown out And it all started, because of a lil' misunderstanding She knew what she was doing, when her and Murdle started planning To make the trip, to finish their mission Admission was taken, without given full permission And i was just wishing, that it never did happen But it did, it's over, I'm glad, and It just made our brotherhood tighter, that's no lie We were forced into the darkness, now the sun shines bright...

...Into the darkness, you are walking Never knowing, that she's a stalking Slowly creeping up, like a shadow before noon If you give her the time, she'll consume you Force you into this predicament, no backing out of So you fight back, making your voice heard And everything that you love, is lost when You are cast out, into the darkness

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