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Carrow Brown, a paranormal urban fantasy author and friend, who just released Queen of Swords & Silence which is the first book in her series The Ghost Walker Chronicles. I had the opportunity to ask Carrow some questions, and below are her answers.

1. What inspired you to write Queen of Swords & Silence?

A I reached a point in my life where I wanted to write a story I enjoyed and it took the combination of me leaving a bad RP guild and a fever dream to give me the motivation to write. Once I hit about 150 pages, I thought I had something and decided to see it all the way to the end.

2. Do you have plans for making Queen of Swords & Silence into a series?

A Huge yes to this. I already have the nine novels for the Ghost Walker Chronicles planned out along with a bunch of short stories and novellas. There is a lot I want to do with this world I created and even after Ghost’s story is done, there will be further stories to explore.

3. How long did it take from concept to completion?

A Almost three years from when I first started writing it to having it in print. I wrote the first draft of my novel in eight months. Like most first drafts, it was flaming dumpster fire floating down the river and I spent another year learning how to edit, with the help of my local writing group, it into the vision I originally intended for this story.

4. Who was your favorite character to write for?

A Just one? I love all my characters for one reason or another, but if I had to narrow it down, it would probably be Silence. He is kind of my “cut loose” character who says all the snarky things at the right time. After that, it would be David because he represents a lot of the military mentality I always admired.

5. Did you base any of the characters off of real life people?

A No, but what I did do was create character names in memory of family members who passed away. Kathy at the start of the book is a tribute to my mother-in-law who passed before my husband and I got married. Later in the book there is a character named Peaches who I created in memory of my late grandmother who really like teddy bears. I just wanted people to remember them because they were really amazing people.

6. Did real world events or beliefs influence your narrative?

A Yes and no. The start of the story is set in a modern setting, but I never want to put it down to a particular year because there are individuals who like to keep their pieces “timeless.” However, there are a few key events that happen in the real world that I pay attention to because they affect the characters in the story.

7. What’s your most frequent writing distraction?

A The news and YouTube. I like to have an idea about what is going on in the world and I always have to review an event from three different sources before I can figure out what is going on. Also, the drama on beauty-tube is one of the most distracting/op-corn worthy things to consume my attention.

8. What part of the writing process do you feel is your greatest strength?

A Outlining. I am really good at this and mapping out what is going to happen within my noveling. However, when I actually start writing, I tend to go on detours, so I have made an effort to not put extensive details into my outlines since characters will take over a scene despite what I want them to do. A lot of my best work happens this way and it is even how Silence came to be a character.

9. Would you prefer your story be turned into a movie, a TV show, or just left alone?

A An anime! If there is one benchmark I would love to reach, it is that my first novel become a twenty-four episode anime. This is partly due to my own addiction to anime, but even while I was writing the story, I picture it all as it one day becoming an anime.

10. Any piece of advice for other striving writers?

A Write a story you want to write. I met a lot of writers in workshops and seminars who always get stuck on writing what people/twitter mob wants and it really gets in the way of their writing. They freak out, lose sleep, and constantly worry if someone will like their work. If you are going to write something, write something you want to write about and love your story. You’ll be spending months to years making this story and world, so write it for yourself first. Your reader will always see your passion in your writing and if you are writing a story to appease for someone else, that will show.


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