Architectural Project - Update #7

While we were working on the windows, we also discussed the lighting and what kind of light fixtures she wanted in the house - that was pretty simple because she wanted recessed lighting in almost all the rooms. There were a few pendant lights that she wanted in the bathrooms of the mini-houses, as well as over the bars in the main house and one of the mini-houses.

So all of that seemed pretty easy and simple. I didn't have to worry about all kinds of different stuff, but trying to place recessed lighting half-way evenly throughout a space is hard. Especially in rooms that are not completely rectangular or anything, and trying to figure out the right spacing to place them without it looking offset too much.

So, that took a little bit of time but wasn't too bad. I actually went a little too happy with the recessed lighting and put them in every room before realizing that some of those rooms weren't supposed to have them in there. But the only thing I was thinking was that she wanted a lot of recess lighting. So that's what I did, and then I had to make a note saying "Bathrooms have flush light fixtures." Either way, I got it all taken care of.

After finalizing the lighting plans and showing it to my client, we discuss where we wanted the light switches to be, and what lights we wanted on what switch. As well as we talked about an intercom system that she wanted in a few of the different rooms of the house, as well as where she wanted the internet and cable lines to be run as well.

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