Architectural Project - Update #6

After finishing the bathrooms and kitchens, we started to discuss what kind of doors would be used and where they would be placed. Most were just simple 32- and 36-inch standard doors. There wasn't that much thought to it. It was either do we want it centered, or do we want it to one side?

They did want a double door on the front of the house as the entrance and wanted a sliding glass double door on the backside going into the poolroom.

The only other difference besides those two and the standard doors were the ones on the entry hallway. They wanted a barn-style door for the game room and the library. The game room they wanted a 12-foot door, and the library just a 6-foot. So we mirrored it. And it just so happened that if we centered the 12-foot door on the game room's wall, as well as centered the 6-foot door on the library's wall, the front of both of those doors closest to the entrance would line up perfectly. Even though the doors would be centered, the rooms were different lengths, which led to them lining up in the same spot.

After we went through and did all the door layouts, which didn't take that long, we ended up working on what kind of windows they wanted. Originally, they didn't want that many windows. They are like me, nocturnal, and love the dark. But according to regulations, you have to have a certain amount of square footage of window space per room depending upon the room's square footage. So we decided to just go with the bare minimum that we had too for regulations, except for the poolroom and foyer.

For the foyer, she wanted some accent windows to break up the walls from the outside. We ended up going with two 30-inch wide windows on each of the staircases, as well as we put a window above the double doors.

For the hallway that connects the mini-houses and the theater to the main house, originally, we had planned on doing five windows: four openable, one fixed. The four openable ones would help with getting a natural airflow through the hallway. We were going to put two on each side of the hall, and the fifth one was going to be in the middle, right in front of the theater to allow light in and kind of break up that long wall.

She also wanted windows in the bathrooms, which would eliminate the need for ceiling vents to circulate the steam and the air and out.

She also wanted a corner bay window in one of the mini-houses, which would be her mother's bedroom, because she wanted a lounge-type area for her to read by a window. So I designed a platform that was big enough to fit a twin-size mattress on to be placed up against a corner window.

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