Architectural Project - Update #5

After I had finished creating the island for the kitchen in the main house, I sat down and started trying to plot out the rest of that kitchen as well as both of the mini-house kitchens.

I looked up the normal sizes of cabinets, so I could kind of see how many of what size I could fit where, as well as the normal sizes of ovens and double ovens and stuff like that that they were wanting in the kitchens, so I could see how to build the cabinetry around them.

At first, I had designed the kitchen in the main house, but when I finalized it, I noticed it did not meet regulations. The cooktop was placed too far away, so I had to move it from one wall to the other wall, and kind of bunch it, the fridge, and the double oven together. After doing that, I had to add extra cabinets to allow for enough counter space between each of the appliances to meet regulations. So I moved those around and finally got a plan that worked.

After I had finalized the main kitchen, I started to work on both of the mini-house kitchens. Early on in designing both of those, I realized that the kitchen space we had was way too small. For the first mini-house, they wanted a bar that stuck out, and with the width of that, and all the other counter spaces, it just wasn't enough room. So I had to extend the kitchen both horizontally and vertically to accommodate the size needed for the counter space and the appliances. And for the second mini-house, I had to extend it over, as well.

After completing the kitchens and dealing with that headache, I started working on the bathrooms, which were even more of a nightmare to do. I designed the two bathrooms upstairs in the main house, and they weren't that difficult. They came out pretty well.

But whenever I got to designing the two mini-house bathrooms, they became a pain real fast. Some of the stuff that they wanted were a partition wall beside the toilet, a walk-in tub, and a separate tub and shower in the other, and a vanity. I tried to find the best way to place those and still have everything spaced out enough to meet regulations of being a minimum of a certain distance apart. As well as, both mini-houses wanted a separate little compartment in their bathrooms for a stackable washer and dryer. So trying to accommodate that tiny room inside the bathroom, started becoming a real hassle.

Also when I was designing the kitchen for the first mini-house, I had to remove what would have been the pantry. So then I left trying to add that pantry over to where the bathroom was; and also being aware of the fact that I was going to need a place to bring in the HVAC units, that would also be around those locations.

So I was having to compartmentalize all of these different aspects and trying to mold it so it would work. And that took me quite some time, but I finally found a way to make it work. I had to extend the bathrooms some.

After finally completing the bathrooms, it dawned on me that, even the plan that I had just came up with, and that I was finally happy with, would not meet regulations. So I went down that rabbit hole again trying to redesign the bathrooms and still try to give my client everything that they wanted.

When I was in school, the number one thing my teacher would always say is "Bathrooms and kitchens are a nightmare to design." I never had that problem in school, but with this design, it gave me a run for my money for sure.

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