Architectural Project - Update #4

By this point, we started talking about the possible amount of HVAC units and the locations of them. I had suggested early on with a building this size, especially with those mini-houses, she may want them to have their own HVAC units so they could control their own temperature.

After that, we started talking about cabinetry and vanities for the bathrooms and kitchens, and she mentioned that she wanted an island in her kitchen if it was big enough, which I knew it would be.

One of the things that she had mentioned early on was, she wanted this to be like a modern style house, and modern homes usually have an open floor plan. But by looking at these prints you can tell it's not really an open floor plan, it's just a lot of big rooms. I had tried to talk her out of the kitchen being closed off, because I thought that was kind of strange for a kitchen, especially in a modern style house.

So I was kind of iffy about that at first, but now she says that she wants an island. And then I suggested that the wall to the hall where the kitchen is could come out and we could put an island in that corner of the kitchen and have it line up with both of the halls. That way it would still act as a boundary between the kitchen and the halls, and it wouldn't be closed off with an actual wall. She liked that idea.

I originally designed a symmetrical corner cut that the legs on both sides of the island would have been the same size, but it wouldn't work with the space. So I had to redesign it and ended up removing the left leg and extended the other some to accommodate for the counter space being removed.

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