Architectural Project - Update #3

After I got the second floor laid out, I started to design the mini-houses. We had already agreed upon a layout design, so it was time for me to draw it to scale and figure out the sizes that we were going to go with for each of the rooms. The client also mentioned she wanted a small porch area and a bay window in the bedroom of one of the mini-houses.

Once I finished the first mini-house, I began to recreate it without the gym room, which changed the kitchen from running horizontally, and turned it to run vertically.

Upon completing the mini-houses, I started to design the five-car garage to get the size and proportions right. Around that point, the client mentioned wanting a porch for the first mini-house, and she wanted entryways from the outside to the mini-houses without having to go through the main house.

Originally the mini-houses were going to be on the far side of the house compared to the garage. I felt like it would be better if the garage was more centered, that way when they're walking in the rain or snow, they wouldn't have to walk all the way around the houses just to get to their mini-houses. So I rearranged the layout and placed the mini-houses on the other side of the garage.

After I had talked with the client about the new layout, I started sketching out ideas for the basement. By that point, I had already started reading up on the ICC and the county codes specific to the county in which she is planning on building the house, so I knew the regulations for basements.

And one of the hurdles was whether or not to have a sprinkler system. By code, if there is a means of egress that's a certain distance away from the farthest point of the basement, you have to have an automated sprinkler system, which also leads to other needs and design complications.

So I had started designing some stuff and I tried it two different ways; both were too long and required a sprinkler system.

After I tried those two ways, I sat and thought upon it and tried a third way, which shortened it just enough to not have to have the sprinkler system. So I guess, third time's the charm.

After that we decided to start kind of talking about door locations, which is something most people think is common sense until you actually start thinking about the different door sizes and the different locations, especially down the hall. Do you want them centered? Do you want them closer to the front? Back? So we started talking about different location options and different styles of doors.

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