Architectural Project - Update #2

With the first floor coming close to being done with the design, I started to work on the second floor. But right away I had my first hiccup. Initially, I had intended for them to go straight out from the foyer, and go on up to the second floor that way. And then once we had committed to that design, I realized that the length of the stairs would not make it to the second floor with that design. If I had extended the stairways the way that I had planned, the left side would work, but the right side would extend past the house itself, so I would need to scoot everything else over some or widen the kitchen and library.

Another option was to turn it and have the final couple of steps going in a different direction, so they would be like an L shape stairwell, which isn't that big of an ordeal, but I wasn't too sure exactly how much of the room space she hard set on for the library and the game room. Because with those turning, it would cut into that room space some. I ran those ideas by her, and we agreed to do the latter.

So with the stair issue taken care of, I started working on the second floor. As I started working on that, a few things came up that the client wanted that hadn't been mentioned earlier, and it changed a little bit of the plan for the first floor as well as would affect the second floor.

For example, she wanted a spiral staircase in the library and wanted it to be two stories. Also, she was wanting an open area where she could have a tall Christmas tree during the holiday season.

We had previously talked about doing a balcony/loft-type of feel. And originally, I had intended to do that over the game room since it's so massive and trying to build anything over that would require support of some kind, but I'm not very educated on structural engineering. I can do Google searches and try to look up stuff like that, but actual knowledge for myself, I don't know anything about it.

I had intended to do the balcony/loft over that area, and design the upstairs on the backside of the house, as well as over the kitchen and library. But since she wanted the two-story library, that would make that area more of the loft-style. And with the sizes of the rooms that she wanted, I couldn't leave the game room open as well. So I had to rearrange my design and ended up building over the game room.

As I continued to design the second floor, other complications started arising besides the structural engineering portion. The sizes that she was wanting for some of the rooms, I didn't have enough space to make it possible on the second floor. So what I ended up doing was cutting some of the rooms up a little bit so they're not as big as what she had initially wanted, and then I had to extend the backside where the kitchen is on the first floor out about 6 feet to accommodate for the extra room needed upstairs. So I talked with her about that, and we decided to go ahead and add the extra space, and she plans on using that extra room on the backside of the kitchen for a pantry area.

Later in the designing process, she decided to make the pantry area even bigger to house two rooms: a classroom for her to homeschool her daughter, and a pantry.

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