Another Grueling Christmas

I'm dreaming of an awesome Christmas Just like the ones you used to know Where the stockings glisten and the family listened To hear reindeer hooves in the snow

Those times were exciting, and we were all amusing At grandma’s house, with my new toys, I’d be a using They flickered and beeped, as everyone’s faces sung Praises for the gifts we had received, but those years are done

Now that I’ve grown older, though just to twenty-nine The joy has fled, I want the day to be just mine Mine, my wife and kids, and no one else I want it to be about them, and the stockings hung on the shelves

Some people may say I’m a Grinch, even a little arrogant Just because I refuse to gift my mother a present You may even think of me as being rude But I’ll always grit my teeth as I say “Merry Christmas” to you

And everything I ever wanted for Christmas, I got; there was no surprise So when there’s no joy in my voice, don’t look at me with beady eyes I know she couldn’t afford it, she’d remind me constantly Now when she asks what I want for Christmas, I say “Nothing”, and I expect it promptly

Because of her, Christmas is another day filled with emotion Where I sit on the couch, and await the inevitable notion From Amber for us to leave, then the next day we just hit repeat And go back to a place neither of us wants to be

Now all I want for Christmas is one day in time To be filled with joy, not for it to be a day of just mine For Amber and me, it’s all about our kids So there it is, another grueling Christmas

- D.L. Stewart

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